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Hello , my name is Juri , I'm 24 years old and I live on the Florentine hills . I spent the last year of my life in Southern Germany in a very beautiful and green city, but once again I came back foot on the greens, rustic and bucolic Florentine hills, once again mirrored in my eyes the density of artistic a city as Florence , I have understand and I have became conscious of why Stendhal fell inside the church of Santa Croce . I also believe that human beings are deep, each with different needs : I study Philosophy at the University , in my life I 'd like to do the philosophical counselor and also be your personal consultant . What's better than a holiday tailored to your needs ? My work is based on empathy , perceived experience and its persistence over time of your pleasant memories. A journey, on the other hand , is nothing more than knowledge gained through direct sensitivity and my job is just that: nurture your sensitivity . After a first contact I will have to figure out the sensitive side of your nature and direct you to what is most exciting I have seen and felt in Tuscany during my 24 years of life. Emotional tourism is not just a name.