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Francesco Mezzatesta

Isola d'Elba Toscana

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Hi, my name is Francesco and I am a naturalist, even though, officially, a general practitioner. My life is made of initiatives to make known the nature and protect it. For 20 years I have contributed to the growth of the Lipu (Italian League for Bird Protection) of which have long been the Secretary-General. The biowatching, the evolution of birding is the observation of biodiversity in all its forms and in different Mediterranean environments. It gives knowledge, enthusiasm, pleasure to play outdoor sports escursionistica- activity and causes "strong emotions." This is the passion that, with my biowatchers employees, I want to convey to you. Share the recognition of habitat, birds, plants, flowers, insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish offers great satisfaction and inspires both newbies that naturalists and experts. Every time is like the first time. Tuscany is rich like few other regions of historical and cultural values ​​but is less known for its natural beauty. So I want to make you discover the Tuscan countryside through proposals dedicated mainly to the knowledge of the extraordinary environment and the incredible biodiversity of this treasure of the Italian center. Seeing is believing!